A breif history of Kieft and its cars in motorsport since the 1940’s



Kieft Cars was founded by the successful industrialist Cyril Kieft in 1947 . The Motorsport division of his successful manufacturing company was based in Wales . Hence the Welsh Dragon forming part of the Kieft logo,

Stirling Moss proudly walks along with his new works F3 Kieft 500 single seat race car.

Stirling Moss proudly walks along with his new works F3 Kieft 500 single seat race car.


The current Kieft Works is located in the scenic New Forest National park. Our aim is to keep the Kieft name and brand alive, by helping where possible owners of original Kieft Cars.

We have also been successfully developing our own range of products for both professional cyclists and also gentleman Drivers in Motorsport.



We have a couple of businesses we work in collaboration with here at Kieft Racing these include :

Sven Cycles

 Located down in Weymouth in Dorset. Sven build possibly the finest Reynolds tubed bespoke cycle frames of the modern age, they have recently been working with us on some 2 wheel projects and components.

Have a look at there website:


Elliot Brown Watches -

Elliot & Brown immerse themselves in a coastal playground where salt water, sand and harsh knocks place huge demands on any watch.

Distilling almost 20 years of experience from the world of extreme sports they threw off their career comfort blankets to develop a range of durable watches that could travel on every adventure, through every wave and look good on any occasion.


Happy Bottom Bum Butter —

Charlie Hobbs sells the finest chamois cream for, well as he describes it, “slapping some on your undercarriage for a happy bottom while cycling”. Charlie continues “It’s actually 100% vegan – we don’t make it out of vegans, as they are awkward to harvest…. But seriously it’s made from vegetable and nut extracts… totally 100% natural ingredients. I mean who wants to slap chemicals on their bum? It’s used by the Olympic Team and many round the world cyclists. So if your a competitive cyclist have a look at