Kieft-Racing water bottle cage Fork clamp kit.

Kieft-Racing water bottle cage Fork clamp kit.

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The Kieft-Racing front fork clamp kit.

Our water bottle cage kit has been designed to securely clamp an individual water bottle cage onto your front Suspension fork.

Our kit is supplied with the necessary Stainless Steel mounting bolts, spacers, anti vibration collars and soft mount rubbers. We also give you a small amount of tough clear Rhino tape to protect your precious fork legs. You will receive 2 of our clamps . which is for one for your fork legs.

This kit works in conjunction with the popular metal or carbon water bottle cages from various different suppliers, our kit easily bolts onto the well known common brands of Suspension forks from both Fox Forks and RockShox.

This provides a safe and secure way of carrying extra water on a full suspension fork for longer journeys.

We also have our own Kieft Suspension fork bike packing cage mount kit which is supplied with 6 individual clamps for both fork legs and extra hardware for mounting Salsa anything HD cages. 

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